It's getting cold out….so I've gone inside…..

Hello my friends! 

The gales of November are blowing! They blew our whole Halloween display over on Halloween night! Which is fine...I'm done with that holiday anyways! But it does tend to make it a bit chilly and that makes me want to stay inside. How can I sell art and still stay inside say you? Well I'm glad you asked!

I just put a whole bunch of art at a new store that opened up this weekend in Royal Oak called Kimberly's Artistic Wonderland. It's on 14 Mile Road just west of Crooks. Sandwiched inbetween the Kyoto Restaurant and the Dunkin Donuts is a lovely little plaza where the store resides. It's run by Kimberly Asaro who also does photography. A very nice lady with a good eye for art.

She has got some lovely stuff in there...and I'm not just saying that because my stuff's there. All kinds of stuff, clothing, glass, tile work, paintings, photography. It's a cute little store with lots of potential. Stop in a give her a little community support. 


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